The Globelics community is involved in publishing research in several different ways.

High quality papers in the broad field of learning, innovation and competence Building reflecting the principal objective of Globelics: that development involves innovation and that successful innovation requires interaction and learning between a wide range of individuals, organizations and institutions.

Overview of insights from the Globelics community as well as reflections on policy implications on selected themesĀ relevant and accesible to users outside academic circles, including policy makers and donor organisations. The purpose is to inspire future research and to influence policy. Each Thematic Review has an appertaining Policy Brief.

Journal special issues open access with selected important Globelics themes and papers compiled and edited by the Globelics Secretariat. The purpose is to ensure wide access to research.


If you have any questions about Globelics, please send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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