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The Globelics community offers an Annual Conference.

The Conference is a meeting place and incubator for major research projects.

The 17th Globelics Conference will be held in 4th-6th November 2020 in Costa Rica.

The 17th Globelics Conference will be organized by:
International Center of Economic Policies for Sustainable Development, CINPE

Universidad Nacional, UNA, Costa Rica

16th GLOBELICS International Conference  – ACCRA 2018

                                                                                                   24th-26th October 2018, Accra, Ghana

Innovation, Economic Growth and Sustainable Development: Strengthening Institutions for Greater Relevance, Effectiveness and Inclusivity

Hosted and Organised by: Science and Technology Policy Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR-STEPRI), Ghana

Important dates:

Call for papers   ⇒  Februrary 1, 2018

Open for submission of papers  ⇒  March 1, 2018

Deadline for submission of papers  ⇒  April 21, 2018

Acceptance notification   ⇒   May 30, 2018 *(new date – june 09th)

Deadline for application for travel support  ⇒  April 21, 2018 

Response to applicants for travel support  ⇒  May 31, 2018  *(new date – june 15th)

Conference registration  ⇒   June 15, 2018

Conference registration deadline  ⇒  July 15, 2018 *(new date – August 1st)

Last date for upload of final version of paper  ⇒  September 15, 2018

*  The date of the disclosure of the results of paper submissions has changed.
It will take place on June 9th due to the high number of paper submissions and the non-delivery of many reviews as planned.

Information regarding the acceptance to travel support will be on June 15th.

For more details please, open here the attachment.

Ghana Conference 2018 – Important Information to Participants

The Globelics International Conference 2018

The 16th Globelics Conference will be held in Accra, Ghana, hosted by the CSIR-Science and Technology Policy Research Institute (STEPRI) at Mensvic Grand Hotel in collaboration with Africalics.

Ghana is the fourth African country after South Africa, Senegal and Ethiopia to host the GLOBELICS annual Conference. This presents an opportunity to showcase Ghana, a politically stable country, which is currently undergoing a number of transformations to modernise its economy and create jobs. There is a government agenda to create an industry in every district to generate jobs and improve livelihoods especially in the rural areas. The output of the Conference is expected to contribute immensely to the  options of the government in achieving this flagship project dubbed “one district one factory”.

⇒  The Freeman Lecture will be delivered by Professor Mariana Mazzucato   (Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, University College London).
________________________________ “Rethinking the Direction of Economic Growth: a mission-oriented approach” _________________________________________
⇒  The keynote lecture  will be delivered by Professor Xiaobo Wu   (National Institute of Innovation Management, Zhejiang University).


⇒  Ghana Visa Information




The 16th Globelics International Conference is sponsored by:
  • The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA);
  • The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR);
  • The Science and Technology Policy Research Institute (STEPRI);
  • The Ministry for Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI);
  • The Center for Economic Catch-uP (CEC)





Globelics Last Conference:  11-13 October 2017 in Athens, Greece

The 15th International Globelics Conference was held in Athens, Greece and hosted by the Laboratory of Industrial and Energy Economics (LIEE) at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), the oldest and most prestigious Greek academic institution in the field of Technology and Engineering (established 1837).

As always scholars from all over the world and from many different disciplines will gather  to discuss innovation and development, this year under the main conference theme:

Innovation and capacity building in the context of financialisation and uneven development of the global economy: New roles for the state, productive sector, and social actors

The conference invites papers addressing the role of different types of actors such as the State, local authorities, continental entities, knowledge institutions, productive political and social actors in shaping innovation and capacity building so as to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth.

In particular, the conference aims to explore whether we need new approaches to study inequality in the age of globalisation as there are widening disparities within countries, regions and social classes. The conference will also consider the need to tackle new challenges related to innovation and capacity building in addition to the systems of innovation approach.

In addition the conference also welcomes papers studying how systems of policies can be implemented at different levels and across different countries to innovate out of the crisis.


Watch the 15th Globelics International Conference videos:
»  Documentary that has been produced regarding the 15th International Globelics Conference, conducted in Athens,11-13 October 2017 v=xn17Cxey4TA

»  Lecture on The Learning Economy and the Economics of Hope (with Bengt-Åke Lundvall)

»  15th International Globelics Conference – Comics “Asterix & Obelix” (animation)


*If your paper is accepted for the conference,  it may also be chosen to be part of our Working Paper Series. Please visit our publications page to find examples of our working papers and  information for authors.

Past Conferences

    Travel Support

    Travel Support is provided through the Globelics Secretariat in connection with the Globelics Conferences.

    Scholars from developing countries with accepted papers to the Globelics Conference can apply for travel support from the Globelics Secretariat during certain periods.

    Past participants that have received travel support include Bachelor students, Masters students, PhD fellows, and PhD graduates in academic disciplines ranging from economics and humanities to engineering and sociology. Many of these participants contribute actively towards policy making in their country of origin, and some in countries outside of this.

    98% of participants who receive travel support believe that conference participation is important for upgrading the quality of their research:

    “Participation in the Globelics Conference helped me a lot in refining my research. I was able to get feedback  and subsequently improved the quality of my work. Moreover, I got new ideas and also got exposed to different viewpoints and perspectives about my area of research”.

    Interested in applying for travel support? Please visit the current conference webpage where all information on eligibility, procedure and deadlines will be available.

    → Travel Support Form 2018

    → About Travel Support 2018


    If you have any questions about Globelics, please send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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