The Globelics community offers a range of interesting events

  • The Globelics Conference. The annual conference is a meeting place and incubator for major research projects. Each year the conference takes place in a new location.
  • The Globelics Ph.D. Academy that shifts location between the North and the South.

Regional chapters of Globelics have been developed in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Mediterranean region and Europe (Asialics, AfricaLics, Lalics, Medalics and Eurolics). In some big countries national networks have been established (CICALICS-China and Indialics). Some of these regional or national chapters organize their own conferences and Ph.D. academies for research training.


november 2018

8nov - 9nov 89:00 amnov 9LALICS 2018 SeminarThe challenges of the CTI for the solution of national problems: sharing experiences in Latin America and the Caribbean.

december 2018

3dec - 14All DayGLOBELICS ACADEMY 2018 – The 13th International PhD School on Innovation and DevelopmentTshwane, South Africa – 3rd December to 8th December 2018Tshwane University of Technology

january 2019

No Events

february 2019

No Events

march 2019

No Events

april 2019

No Events

may 2019

No Events

june 2019

No Events

july 2019

No Events

august 2019

No Events

september 2019

No Events

october 2019

No Events


Current events from Globelics and Regional chapters are posted here. If you would like a more thorough overview or are looking for something specific, please check the regional website.


If you have any questions about Globelics, please send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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