Conference highlights interesting findings of innovation in low-income countries

Over 80 participants from a broad range of research institutions, universities, international organisations and the private sector gathered at the Diffusion of Innovation in Low-Income Countries (DLIC) conference  on the 2nd of November.

A group of well renowned experts were invited to share their knowledge and views. Key note speakers Prof Bengt Åke Lundvall, who addressed the impact of innovation on structural change in Africa, and Mr LI Yong, who stressed the role of international cooperation in fostering innovation for inclusive and sustainable industrial development, were among them.

The event came at the end of a three-year project on the determinants and impact of technology transfer in and to low-income countries.

A key part of industrialisation in developing countries is technological innovation. However, innovation can be costly and risky, so ground-breaking innovation is often concentrated in a few rich countries and amongst a small number of firms. An important issue for economic growth and global development is to transfer, adapt and adopt this knowledge to make it available for low income countries to use. This type of research makes a big contribution to the realisation of this diffusion and potential adoption.

The conference was also hosted by the Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD), University of Oxford and DEGRP.

Other distinguished speakers included Prof Xiaolan Fu, (Director of TMCD and the Principle Investigator of the DILIC project), Dr George Essegbey (Ghana), Prof Raphael Kaplinsky (SPRU), Ms. Anne Miroux (UNCTAD), Prof Pierre Mohnen (UNU-MERIT), Dr Dirk Willem te Velde (ODI), and Mr Sacha Wunsch Vincent (WIPO)

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