Call for papers: Tshwane University of Technology – Journal of Creativity, Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

TUT-JCISE calls for papers for its first issue scheduled to be published March, 2017 under the theme:

Creativity, Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship for Inclusive Economic Development.


  • Social entrepreneurship to eradicate poverty, unemployment and inequality;
  • From linear stages of growth economics to evolutionary economics;
  • Wealth creation with social and environmental benefits and gains;
  • Frugal innovation for economic development;
  • Creativity, innovation and social entrepreneurship to promote additive and multiplicative human and nature well being;
  • Social innovation for linking the quadruple helices: government, private sector, universities and civil society and communities;
  • Innovation for validating economic gain through the inclusion of social and environmental gain;
  • Innovation systems for economic development through social entrepreneurship;
  • Science, technology, mathematics and engineering design for sustainable development;
  • Social entrepreneurship as a  new road for diffusion;
  • Creativity, innovation and technology in low income economies;
  • Social entrepreneurship and African values for integrated African development.

Closing dates for submission of full paper: January 5, 2017
JCISE Inaugural Workshop:  January 19 – 20, 2017
Venue: TUT Main Campus Pretoria.

For more detailed information contact:
Dr. Paul Marivate (email:, mobile: +27-822168937)
Dr. Ajebush Argaw (email: ajebushargaw@yahoo.commobile: +27-845045747)

Instructions will be uploaded on the Sarchi website :

Chief Editors:



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