Globelics Membership

The basis of a democratic governance structure

Notice:  the end of the Globelics Membership Program application has been postponed until 31/03/2017.

The Globelics constitution was approved by the Globelics Scientific Board in November 2016One of the basic objectives of the constitution is to give the Globelics community a democratic governance structure based upon a strong membership.

Throughout 2017 the membership system and procedures for the election of members of the Globelics Scientific Board will be implemented.

As stated in the constitution, membership is individual and open to those who participated physically in at least two network activities during the last 4 years (Globelics or Regionalics Conferences, Globelics or Regionalics Academy), including at least one Globelics conference. Being an active member is a prerequisite for becoming a member.

Rights and duties

Globelics members have the rights to:

  • Be included in the list of members at the Globelics website
  • Nominate candidates to the Globelics Scientific Board
  • Be nominated for the Globelics Scientific Board
  • Vote for members of Globelics Scientific Board

The constitution also states that membership is conditioned to the payment of an annual fee. But for 2017 the Scientific Board has decided to set this fee at 0$. Should this change in the near future, you will have the option to remain as a member or not.

You become a member by submitting a short online application to the Globelics Secretariat whereby you expres agreement with the Globelics objectives and provide some personal and academic data.

How to become a Globelics member

The Globelics Secretariat hereby invites all active participants in the Globelics community to apply for membership by accessing the following link: Globelics Membership

Registration of membership application will be open until the 1st of March 2017.

Your membership application will be processed by the Globelics Secretariat and validated to ensure fulfillment of the criteria mentioned above. You will be informed by the result of the validation proces by e-mail no later than the 1st  of April 2017.

After the membership process is concluded, procedures for the election of members of the Globelics Scientific Board will be implemented. The first election is expected to take place no later than July 2017 and more information will follow in time.

If you have any doubt about the online form or need other information, please write to


If you have any questions about Globelics, please send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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